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Hello there, I'm Tina Givens, your mentor for this journey into the world of being an entrepreneur!  I've been immersed in the realms of fashion design, art and textile design, and garment creation for most of my life.

My professional background is anchored in business, sales, and marketing. Believe it or not, my academic foundation is in Business and Economics, despite my lifelong passion for art and fashion. After establishing a successful career in Advertising, Sales, Marketing, and Branding I ventured off to follow my own path in creativity. As an artist and maker, it made sense to dabble in stationery, licensing for textiles, and other products. My first love, clothing design was always on the back burner until I reached a point where I said 'Enough is enough! I can do this!'


And so I added garment design and manufacturing to my mix.  Launching into the avant-garde fashion world in trade shows in New York namely, Atelier, Curate, and others. I partnered with regional sales representatives and exhibited seasonally in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Step by step, I found myself neck deep in manufacturing and processing orders for over 200 stores worldwide. Through personal change and life's pivots, I have slowed the pace down to focus on life and matters of the heart.

While all this beautiful chaos was happening I was still involved with the home sewing market in quilting and garments and was encouraged by many fabric store owners to produce sewing patterns. This started slowly and picked up enormously over the past 10 years. It's a lovely business because I reach so many beautiful like-minded makers who love to sew their own clothes.

Today, we have over 200 published titles and 7 issues of our incredible magazine, SYCHIL, reaching a global market through print and digital options.

In addition to these achievements, I've contributed to the success of various brands in varying capacities, including guiding new product companies in branding and rebranding well-established brands. As Creative Director for a textile company, I curated and built collections for the quilt market, working with artists globally.

The world of sewing patterns is a robust and dependable business avenue, provided you are ready to put in the necessary work. If you are a creative spirit ready to explore your voice and hone your skills in developing products of your own design, then you're in the right place. So, welcome to my world. I'm confident you'll find great joy in your new business venture.

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